Huis T

Patio woning in Alexandroupolis / 2010

House T aims to provide a retreat from the busy city life where the owner can enjoy privacy with his family. The house revolves literally around a 70 square meter inner courtyard. Although the house is surrounded by 3-storey apartment blocks, the house and its courtyard have been positioned in such a way, that only the blue sky is visible. From the courtyard, the back garden is accessible through a large wooden sliding door regulating the public exposure of the house. In front of the house there is a car park and a place to sit and relax.


When entering the house one is confronted with the contradiction between the introvert exterior and the open light interior. Apart from the courtyard, strategically placed light wells from the ceiling provide ample light. All concrete beams are turned upside-down. The frameless doors reach to the ceiling. The aluminum sliding systems are sunken into the floor. This way, when the temperatures are mild, the courtyard becomes part of the interior.


180m2 on a single floor with an inner courtyard of 70m2 on a 580m2 plot. Design 2010. Construction 2011.

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