Fashionstore in Alexandroupolis / 2016

The building which houses the store has no

architectural interest and needs maintenance.
It does however have a clear structural grid,

22 meters of facade and an unused backyard.

It was decided to make a sculptural wall of

white concrete made up of prefab panels

which reflects the fabrics used in the clothes

themselves. These panels keep clear from

the walls and ceiling, as well as from the

concrete structure The sculptural wall

meanders through the store and forms the

display windows. The voids are vistas into

the shop itself. The floor is made up from

Thassos marble 0.9x1.8m and the wall which

houses the register and changing rooms is

made from pressed stainless steel 1.5mx3m.

The backyard is lifted to the same height as

the groundfloor and is given the same

historical basalt pavement as the streets

surrounding the store.

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