8 apartments in Alexandroupolis / 2008

As a reaction to the chaotic streetscape that is created due to the uncontrolled use of balconies, the decision was made to conceive the facade as a single volume that is built up out of loggias. This volume cantilevers three meters above its base, making it appear to float. The facade conceals the thickness of the floors. This is done so by ending all extrimities of the facade into sharp edges. This system alters on every floor its orientation giving the facade a rhythm. The shadow plays a different role on each surface. From the square in front, the view of the building is experienced differently from each angle.


Second place at the Domes Awards 2011 with an honorable mention of Steven Holl:

 "The problem of ragged balconies along typical Greek urban streets is addressed in a simple and fresh way. While in strong contrast to the adjacent buildings, this new structure sets a finely proportioned space of inspiring geometric liveliness due to the subtle adjustment in the structural concrete planes."


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This building was developed and built personally. 970 m2. Design 2008, construction 2009-2010.

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