B2 Bar

B2 bar in Alexandroupolis / 2014

The B2 bar is located in a narrow forgotten pedestrian alley in the heart of Alexandroupolis. The building (1954) which houses the bar is in a rundown state. The actual bar is made up of three separate shops of three separate owners.  All walls in between these three shops, as well as the walls at the back courtyard, were removed and the three shops were united into a single space. 

The façade is made up of pivoting panels which, when closed, form one single flat surface (11x4m). When the bar opens, the pivoting panels form the exterior bar, seats, windows and main entrance. These panels lock into place making them usable from outside as well as from the inside. The main entrance and the window at the opposite side embrace the exterior of the bar making it a more intimate and a more defined space. In winter a glass barrier behind the pivoting façade ensures thermal and acoustic insulation.

During demolition, the main load bearing structure of the building revealed to us a certain rhythm. In order not to disturb this rhythm and in order to leave the main façade uninterrupted, all functions inside the bar were integrated into one piece of concrete furniture freely positioned inside the unified space. These functions include the actual bar, the toilets and the secluded kitchen. In order to optically enlarge the inside space a concrete wall embraces the inside space with the back courtyard, merging the inside with the outside.

The main load bearing structure with its rusted rebar have been reinforced with a steel exoskeleton onto which the façade and the steel shelves which hold the bottles have been welded. The floor is made up of untreated black steel becoming one with the steel exoskeleton. The façade is made up of 50x50mm square steel beams sandwiched with aluminum panels.

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