joris braat office


At the end of 2006, after acquiring his Master of Science degree at the Technical University of Delft, Joris Braat decides to relocate to Greece. His decision is motivated by his half Greek background, and by the positive experiences he has gathered during his study abroad in Thessaloniki in 2004. From 2007 and onwards, after acquiring and personally developing a number of projects, the decision is made to start an own practice.


His mission is to realize buildings which are able to solve the clients needs in a clear, simple, powerful and elegant manner. The ambition is to take full responsibility of the construction phase as well, in order to control the quality of the detailling and assure a result which everybody involved can be proud of. All built projects presented on this site are a result of this.


Currently work is being carried out on various residential, commercial and cultural projects throughout Greece.




Delft University of Technology - Architecture



Working as independent architect in Greece, based in Athens and Alexandroupolis.



Fluent in Dutch, Greek and English